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Default Behavioral issues

Haven't been here for a while so perhaps this has already been discussed. I'll then appreciate if you let me know when and how to find that topic. Also sorry my post is rather long.

The issue is the following. Parents have 50/50 legal custody of the child, Parent 1 has every other weekend and every other mid week overnight access.

Child (C) is an elementary school student. For a while now C exhibiting some disruptive behavior at school, disobedient, screaming and/or crying in class, doesn't listen to the teacher, walks around the class when C is supposed to sit down and do whatever kids are doing during the class. etc.

A number of meetings with the teacher, child and both parents took place with no positive outcome.

Parent 1 then offered to have the child assessed by a specialist(s) in children behavior/psychologist/professional in this field.

Parent 2 is fiercely opposed and doesn't want to even consider such assessment.

Parent 1 who is proposing the evaluation has no issues whatsoever with the child when the C is at home with that parent. No tantrums, no screaming, no crying, very cooperative, except for minor, usual kids begging "I don't want to go to bed" kind of things, nothing alarming at all, never, not a single time. The same is the case when the child is with the grandparents/relatives of Parent 1. No one can complain about a thing.

The only explanation or a guess as to the reason for such strong opposition from Parent 2 to the professional evaluation of the child is that Parent 2 has something to hide and is concerned that during the evaluation something can/will be discovered that they don't want to be discovered. Nothing else comes to mind as to what the other reason could be.

Whatever the cause of the problem is, Parent's 1 thinks it is needed to be discovered, discussed, corrected. There should be a reason for such child's behavior at school.

The question is: can Parent 1 take the child for evaluation without any consent of Parent 2? If not, then what can be done to evaluate the C without Parent's 2 consent? CAS?
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