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I'm sorry you're feeling hopeless ... Divorces sure do cost.. ... Maybe it would help to focus on some positives ... and there are always positives ... and then write out a plan. As for positives, remember that CS/SS isn't forever ...

... I mean, the kids will grow up, so the CS part will finish. Do you have a termination date on the SS? Is your Ex obligated to get a job? (Shouldn't she be working?!) Is she obligated to eventually become self-sufficient? And if so, is there a review date on your order for SS? Did you own a home/etc. together to be sold/bought out? And, of course, there is also the chance that she (or you) will meet someone (romantically) with whom you may eventually share living expenses, and the amount of SS will go down/away. I guess my point is .. it will improve. It s*cks a bit for now though. Try not to feel hopeless .. that'll do you no good. Hang in there.