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She doesn't need guardianship for that. She can go to any Service Ontario office, show proof of residence and get her own OHIP card. Get her a bank account and have the paper statements mailed to your address for a start. A driver's license will be a good idea. Ontario now has non-drivers ID cards, if driving is an issue.

Guardianship, in Ontario Law, will only allow you to control her property. From your description, she doesn't have any.

You may seek custody through the family courts. At her age, custody will mean little. It allows you say in her medical decisions, education, and choice of religion. At her age she is already able to decide those things.

She has removed herself from parental control, she is legally an adult. At most, what you want is for her to be under parental control, yours, and not an adult. I'm not saying that is wrong, but question whether you actually need that.

You should contact the CRA information line and ask what steps you need to take with them to be able to receive the CCTB. Unless you are unmarried and have no other dependants, you will not be able to claim her as a dependant, however you may be able to claim some things like tuition. It depends on your situation, call the CRA.