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The motion for spousal support probably won't work because I do have a job and no small kids. I believe I have to show dire need. I'm entitled because he makes more than I do but this is the one issue that he's fighting tooth and nail on.

What's the procedure to convert that endorsement to an order? I fill out form 25 and then what? Do I need to serve him and then file it with the court? The endorsement simply tells us the steps we need to take for the trial conference and lists the issues that are still outstanding (ie: division of bank accounts, assets, cars - which he stole from me and refused to return forcing me to have to buy another car and go into more debt - property settlement, and SS).

Other than Form 25, what other forms do I need to convert this to an order?

He will not agree to anything (hence why we're even going to trial) so it'll have to be the judge that forces it.