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The matrimonial house is paid off, the small house has a mortgage. All 3 cars are fairly new and paid off. He actually stole the car I was driving right out of the garage and the police called it matrimonial property and did nothing about it.
I have every proof and all my paperwork including tax assessments, bank statements - you name it, I have it.
He's refusing to pay for a house assessment and though I'd gotten "A letter of opinion" from 2 different real estate agents and one assessment on the matrimonial house, he's still refused to split them. His offer to me is that he'll pay off for the small house I live in and that's it. I shouldn't ask for half of the bank accounts, or the cars, or the matrimonial house or any support. The difference in our incomes is about 35K.
His argument about the bank accounts is that I never put anything into them, which is true, but I paid all the bills, for the kids and everything else. That was the agreement we'd made because he'd emptied accounts when we'd separated in 1984. At that time I had one small child and no job. He'd lied in court that his income was reduced. This was validated by his then boss who provided a false letter. After we got back, he'd produced a large amount of money and told me he'd been paid under the table.
At that time I'd opened my own bank account to never be in that position again.
He's not being civil. He's paid off my son's debts so he's won him over. He's lost our adult daughter and two beautiful grand children because he couldn't buy them. They're religious and don't believe money is god. So now I've lost a son, he's lost a daughter and two grands. The family is split so badly but he's still fighting and refusing to be fair.
I'm hoping for some resolution next Friday at court. All my attempts of begging to work this out fairly have fallen on deaf ears and very nasty emails sent back to me.