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This is how it works: You bring her over with all good intentions - you want to show her your homeland. You are proud of her so you want all your friends and family to meet her (mistake #1). You set her up in your place and make sure she has money and knows where the store is while you go to work (mistake #2). She becomes lonely and bored and bugs you to take her out. You take her out to the club where she will meet up with people from her home country (mistake #3) as you want her to make new friends and feel comfortable. Time goes on and she does get new friends. Everything is good for a while... or so you think. While you've been working or golfing she's been busy planning her future.

The g/f is sizing things up and very impressed with the beautiful home and nice cars etc... your lifestyle is something she wants... the clock is ticking.. she knows you and her will be returning to the other country soon. She finds out through her new friends that all she has to do is get into a fight with you and go to a hotel. She has all the contact numbers of people to call (thanks to her new friends). She gets emergency social assistance (when she says she has no money)... and then ........ a freebie legal aid lawyer.

This can all happen in a very short period of time. She may be unsuccessful in the end but meanwhile you have gone through 40k or more in legal bills. She will state that the two of you have lived together for years and that you abandoned her. The nightmare could go on for years. All for what??? You had it good... should have just gotten on that plane and waved "bye bye".... woulda, coulda, shoulda....

Canada is a great country ... particularly for people who come from countries that have no social welfare system.
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