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Smile Does the $ amount of renovations make a difference?

I have been reading through the forums for awhile, and have found some great answers to questions I have, I guess now I am just looking for some clarification.

I have just ended a common-law relationship. We were together 5 years, and have been separate 1 month. We maintained separate living places for the first 3.5 yrs, however during that time, he was paying for renovations on my home. He finally moved in May 07 and moved out again Dec 08. I owned the home going into the relationship, but had his name put on the deed 2.5 yrs into the relationship due mainly to the renovations he was paying for. I did not ask him to do or pay for the renovations, it was his own undertaking as in his words "The house is a wreck". Central Air was added (loan is in his name) solely for him, I could live without it! At no point during the renovations did we discuss any type of payback for the money being spent, but I guess that's why I had his name put on the deed, feeling that I owed him something. He kept all receipts for the renovations, and up to this point has not turned over any copies of them even though I have asked to see them. So I don't have an exact dollar figure, but I am guessing $25k.

So, obviously, my question is, is he still only entitled to 1/2 the increase in value of the house from the time we were together until separation, or will the amount of money he spent on renovations have any affect? Although he moved in May 07, it was not until Sept 07 that he begain contributing any mortgage payments, or other day to day bills, other than the truck lease which he paid for since Dec 06. From Sept 07 until he moved out, he may have contributed 50% to the mortgage, and he paid for 2 bills both of which were due every 2 months, as well as groceries from time to time. Other than that, all other bills were paid for by me ie, Heat and Hydro, cable etc.

He is considering his payment of the renovations an investment in the house, and is expecting to receive back all he put into it. The increase in value of the house I don't expect to be more than $5,000 in the 5 years, I live in a small town which does not have huge increases in value like bigger cities.

I hope this isn't too long and boring, just trying to provide as much information as I can so if anyone is interested in providing an opinion, it would be an educated one!!
Thanks so much in advance...