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With a fever of 39, I agree it would probably be in the child's best interests not to take them out of the house.

But, you need to protect your time with your child.

In this instance where she has now changed her mind, I would email her stating something to the effect of:

Further to our conversation of X date regarding make up time with [child] due to [child's] illness on Y date, being my regularly scheduled parenting time, I wish to voice my disappointment regarding your unilateral decision to terminate previously agreed makeup time with [child].

As discussed on [date the child was sick] we agreed that, in exchange for not removing [child] from your residence for my parenting time on that date, I would be entitled to an alternate date to make up my missed parenting time. This was agreed in good faith and taking into consideration [child's] best interests. I am disheartened that you have now unilaterally determined that making up my missed parenting time is now unnecessary and are reneging on our previous agreement.

I respectfully request you reconsider your position, and agree to provide me with make-up time with [child] at the earliest possible date. It is my belief that arranging an alternate date due to [child]'s illness was in [child]'s best interests. Further, I believe that each parents parenting time is important for the continued growth of the child.

As such, I am available on X, Y and Z dates, and would be willing to accomodate my make up time on such dates.

Then document her reply. If she replies with "no", if you can't not say anything, reply with "I must express my disappointment with your position and will note this for future reference should this scenario arise again."

But be civil and keep it to email.