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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I can speak for myself and my experiences in observing good friends (older men and women) who observe a fellow old geezer with a young foreign woman.....

I observed lots and lots of laughter behind the old geezer's back. His social life in Canada was abruptly curtailed as his friends simply did not want the "spectacle" at their homes nor did they want to hang out and play cards with him anymore. I also observed men and women (young and old) feeling sorry for the young woman who obviously was so desperate that she had to become the nurse-maid/prostitute to the old guy. It really is a pitiful sight - I'm talking about a guy in his 70's with a 20-year-old. And yes, the happy couple did end up having a child together!

It must be disconcerting for the adult children of the old geezer to see their father playing house with someone younger than themselves.

So if you are contemplating something like this you should stop and consider how welcome you and your young g/f will be in your friends homes. Invitations to go out dining with friends may also evaporate.

Hey I'm what you would consider an 'old Canadian woman' and I really could care less so please do not state that "older Canadian women, just hate seeing an old Canadian man with a lovely sexy foreign woman." As long as the taxpayer isn't stuck with the bill then each to their own. When I see this I just think that someone is screwing the maid. Doesn't bother me in the least.
I’m happy to hear your viewpoint and observations.

I’m curious why you refer to old geezer’s young woman as a “nurse-maid/prostitute”? It’s perfectly normal for a man and woman near the same ages, to have sex and take care of each other, but when it’s an old man and a young woman, now she is classified as “nurse-maid/prostitute “.

Your point about being a spectacle is also interesting. There is an old saying “the birds of feather flock together” meaning that people who are similar to each other or share similar interests tend to spend time with each other. The old man with a lovely young wife is no longer similar to his old friend couples. So it’s understandable that the couples part company. But there is also the possibility the couples change.

The woman in an old couple doesn’t want her husband anywhere near the controversial couple because he’ll see how much more joyful and energetic his friend is with his new lovely young wife. Maybe the husband of an old couple may get thoughts of getting rid of his wife and getting a lovely young wife too.

In old couples, it is usually the woman that objects to seeing, an old man with a young woman. In many old couples, the man just goes along with the wife, to avoid raising a difference of opinion, potential conflict and increasing stress. Most old couples are happy just maintaining the status quo and not improving their lives.
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