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Default Need advice for upcoming Case Management appointment

I have been separated from my husband for just over a year. He filed divorce papers on me in February, we have a Case Management appointment set up for in a few days. My only contention with the divorce is the separation date that my husband has put on the court papers, basically he chose a date that was one year prior to our separation date.... I imagine he has done this to cut down a year of my eligibility of sharing his company pension.

I have been in contact with his lawyer via email as I had to file an "Answer" to the divorce and stated my issue with the date his client put down.

I have now received an email from his lawyer saying that if I am in possession of any documents that I must submit them to him prior to Case Management which is this coming week.. I thought Case Management was an informal settlement meeting and that Case Management was only there to "monitor" the case?

I am so confused, and didn't think it necessary to have a lawyer and the expense to go the Case Management to say that he is lying about the separation date?