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The trial is scheduled for 18 days.

I would obviously prefer to have a lawyer, but who would take my case from scratch when it is scheduled to start in 3 months (all materials due between now and March and there are 3 years old litigation and so much mud)?

We have had joint for 5 years, and I was primary for 4 of them (newborn and 2 years old when separated - progressive schedule). We coparented well for the first two years, lived closeby, were civil. Then he moved in to his girlfriend's house far away and then it is when litigation started, to change schools to his neighbourhood and to get custody.

He did not get anything that he applied for until... turning point. The day my materials are due for return my daughter has a tantrum in the street and someone reports me for "throwing her to the floor". I categorically didn't, my kids threw themselves to the floor when they had tantrums, but it led to a criminal charge, that was withdrawn, and a children's aid investigation, that was closed and I have called as witnesses, having very positive comments about my parenting.

That and all the conflict he has deliberately created and all the mud, manipulation and agression of his lawyer have already resulted in an OCL recommendation of full custody for him and very limited visitation for me.

Concerns of the OCL: nutrition (my kids had a brownie the day she visited - therefore they must be eating brownies everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner), false statements (like I call my ex to pick up the children late at night when I have emergencies at work - I have a 9 to 5 office job), that I do not attend medical appointments (ex has repeatedly booked appointments without informing me and I have asked the pediatrician to call me each time this happens, that they have not done. Before litigation started I did all regular checkups and father was not even there - but pediatrician remembers the last one or two years been dad the parent who takes kids there the most, of course!). OCL has a problem with me opposing a medication (that had not been recommended by any doctor, and for what my child didn't even had a confirmed diagnose - I agreed when diagnose was made and medication recommended, as I have always followed professional recommendations). Seeing how he can charm "professionals" into making such reports without even showing proof of anything doesn't instill trust in justice. Judge also made an order in a motion to change my children's school, against recommendations of the child's psychologist (child with SN). My child was expelled from next school within days. Such a screw up from judge, but she decided that the professionals had recommended it (that's what ex's affidavit said, although my affidavit included a letter from the professional himself saying that he did not make such statements, that ex was lying and that he actually recommended otherwise)

Too much to fight, too much noise, too much emotion, and I don't feel I can do it myself, not to mention I need to keep my job and the ridiculous remote learning requirements (call school for 25 minutes every 30 from 8:30 to 3:30 + homework, and if I miss a call it will be used against me).

I am breaking down.
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