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Default Trial scheduled - can't afford lawyer

Hello there! I hope everyone had a good start of the year. Mine has been stressful and I am in shambles.

I have been divorced for a few years, with joint custody and shared parenting. Ex has applied for full and very limited visitation. I won't go into detail as to how much manipulation and false allegations I have had to fight so far, but trial date is set and lawyer has sent a letter asking for a $300k retainer by the end of the month. I don't have the money. I have spent more than I make in lawyers in the last three years, I have nothing left (financially, emotionally). English is my second language, I know nothing about law and my trial is starting in 3 months.

I am looking for both emotional and practical support. I am a single mom working full time, online schooling two very young children (one with SN) and I just can't keep up with life. I am an immigrant and don't have any family around or who can help in a practical or financial sense.

I have read the guides about trial, and I think I understand how it works, but I could not find a list of forms that I need to fill or timelines. I have had legal representation this far, but my lawyer only works with upfront fees and he is $700/h. I can't pay anymore. I am desperate.

- Anyone with experience pro se?
- Anyone willing to lend a hand?
- Anyone with ideas about financing when my debt is already close to 5x my salary?
- Any way I can gain time?
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