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Default Undervalued Assets on Financial Statement

My STBX and I exchanged financial statements and despite the fact that she makes almost double what I do, has RRSPs etc. and even a more expensive vehicle etc.. I was $30k above on the NFP.

I looked more closely and one thing that caught my attention was the house was undervalued by approx $100-130k.

I made mention of it and she responded, well maybe my lawyer was just trying to do this in my best interest?

Also, when I said, there is no mention of any debts at the date of marriage?, she said, that doesnt matter. When, I said, I included mine and adjusted everything accordingly she was now in support of this, but proceeded to say, how would I know what my debts and credit card was that long ago?.

I have since had the home appraised and currently she seems on board with agreeing to a more acceptable value.

This entire process honestly just feels like a waste of time and excess money as it feels more like I am bartering with a dirty salesman as opposed to trying to accurately, fairly and efficiently assess the situation.

I am sure there is nothing that I can do but it is frustrating to say the least. Any comments?
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