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Originally Posted by kate331 View Post
Thanks Doctor Martin for the info. I couldn't agree more that 50/50 should be default. And children in Fatherless homes are disadvantaged. Have you ever thought that your up against a system, that is full of "Deadbeat" Dads? (Sorry to use that term for all the wonderful Dads here) but I believe it needs to be addressed before "the system" can move forward. Just my 2 cents
I think our culture well addresses dead beat dads... in the media etc. But I don't think you hear the other side.. the women who pick horrible fathers. For examples, lets say you go and get pregnant by a guy who is a bum on the street, is it really fair to call him a dead beat dad after the fact? Or was it the mother's poor choice in who to have a child with? I am saying both are bad. But in our culture currently single moms are held up as heros. In some cases they are, but there are also a lot of women out there who make really poor choices in the men they decide to have children with. And its treating them like children not to give them moral agency as well.

I think our society should encourage people to make better choices in who they have kids with and then if possible keep families together.
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