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It is a lot more complicated than that. There can be many reasons "fatherless home" influences a child's outcomes, and many other reasons beyond "fatherless home" than influence a child's outcomes. What about thevariable "fatherless home" is the issue for suicide, drop out, drug use? Is it the break or lack of a supportive relationship? Is it the decreased money a father would bring? Is it abuse from that father the child expereinced earlier? Fatherless homes is 1 variable. There are many other variables which also influence drug use, dropping out of school, etc. Poverty, mental health, addiction in a parent, difficulty in school. Poverty of course is a big one. Poverty means you are less likely to do well in school, have poorer physical and mental health, transportation problems to access health and other social services, poorer nutrition, the list goes on and on. Poverty and fatherless homes are also linked. So to say this 1 variable "fatherless homes" influences all of these social problems is to simplify it considerably. No doubt it does influence them, but it is 1 of many issues.
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