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Originally Posted by involveddad75 View Post
Mess I think you took my post wrong..
I think I did put the wrong emphasis on your intent, but not your reasoning.

You want to argue with the tax law regarding a legal suit to reduce cs payments by an access parent. This is wrong for the reasons I stated.

An analogy, you file a suit with the cell phone company because you believe you are being overcharged. You then want to go to tax court and argue that you may deduct the legal fees as though you were seeking unpaid wages from the cell company.

Seeking a reduction in payment is NOT the same as seeking payment of what you are owed. This is explicitly covered in CRA explanatory pages.

You may seek a deduction for legal fees that are incurred to receive wages that are owed, payments from clients for professional services, or unpaid child support payments. This all stems from the same principle.
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