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My experience with line 232 of the T1 is that I had received a letter from my family lawyer around tax time. I was totally unaware of this claim since I was the payor, however the explaination was that technically in a shared custody arrangement both are considered to be payors, it is the difference that is calculated for the offset.

The letter stated the Income Tax Act and the amounts to obtain child support of over $7000 each for the 2011 and 2012 tax years. (2 seperate letters for each year, but I had claimed them together for 2012). Eligible amount to claim was stated as being approximately 20% of those amounts, so for both years they had totaled over $2900.

Having work related legal benefits of $500 per year, I had to recalculate my claim by taking $1000 off of the total amount for the 2 years and then taking 20% of that amount for my final claim amount.

Being honest with CRA only helps you down the road and at the end of the day the $2700 credit was better than a kick in pants.
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