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question to OrleansLawyer was a tax court question
I would preface any response by observing that the vast majority of my posts deal with family issues. While I make no claim to being a professional (see disclaimer at bottom), I would also observe that the intersection of family law and tax law is much like the intersection of war and famine; seldom do those who deal with one have training in dealing with the other, and the marriage of the two is generally deleterious for everyone involved.

In my view any access parent who is fighting to get more access could argue that they were fighting for their share of the child support.
Some people make this argument when they do their taxes.

Was there an effort to secure support, and was it made in good faith?
CanLII - 2010 TCC 209 (CanLII)

However, the claim must be legitimate. Simply throwing legal fees under that heading (even if pursued for support, if the claim was frivolous) will be unlikely to succeed:
CanLII - 2011 TCC 427 (CanLII)

Everything said in this, and any other, message is not intended to be taken as legal advice. I do not hold myself out to be a lawyer, adult or literate. Any resemblance this or any other message may have to legal advice or common sense is entirely coincidental. This message was generated through the combination of a monkey hitting a keyboard with a rock and advanced spell check software.
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