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Tayken, I am not sure If I can submit this to the courts but what you have written should be posted for many others to read.

As I am working on on the iCHAPEAU website and laws,I had created a section called testimonies. It would be an honour, if I could have your written permission to copy your post and place it on the iCHAPEAU website in the testimonies page. I will give credit to the Ottawa Divorce site for taking the post but I wanted to know, with your permission, if you wanted me to mention your handle name as well or just leave it signed the way it is?

I know you had mentioned questions before and I hope that with your ability to read the Transcripts, through the download link, that they have been answered. It was interesting that the defence tried to play the fact that the written order was signed the day after the abduction trying to argue that there was no custody order in place. I believe this is an important point for all of you on this forum as the Criminal Courts have ruled that orders are enforced the date upon the Judges endorsement and NOT when the court clerks finally get arround to making a final stamped page from the courts.

Also interesting in the transcripts that in order to find my ex-father-in-law guilty, the Judge had to make a determination that abducting parent is guilty first.