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Default Payout Debt - Good idea?

Hi all,

I have been going through a common-law seperation (not finalized as of yet) and am hoping to get some advice to this question without continuing to be charged through my lawyer.

Quick overview.

9 years together total (6 years as common-law)
3 beautiful children together
I make $70k/ year and I am paying my full timetabled support payment per month
Joint home sold ($35K) sitting in trust

We have almost finalized 3 times now except each time her lawyer (friends/family) convince her otherwise. I've given up and had to take 2 leaves from work because of this. I received help and no longer will try and control the outcome here. Wanted us to move on for everyone's sake.

So he is where we left off. We had a lot of debt together $65k total

1 x c/c $15k
1 x c/c $15k
1 loan $10.5k
1 loc $24k

The trust funds will payout 55% or so and we would split the rest. As per spousal, I offered to take the full balance of the other credit card (her portion was $6.5k) and agreed to let her have all the house hold items from the sale of our home. So all in all I said a numerical value of $12,000 total or so. Through e-mail she agreed.

So really we would split the one c/c and be done. Then she hits me with, I want you to continue me on your benefits for an additional 3 years (I've kept her on for 2+ years to date. And continues with threats via her fourth child (first from a prior marriage relationship) that she will go after me for him as well. She is collecting full support from the father.

So the card we are to split, I have now been able to save the $$ for to pay it out in full because it is costing me approximately $300/month interest only and $10 per month goes to principle.

Financially it makes sense for me to pay it out but I worry that my ex may get off the hook for the $7.5k portion? Does anyone know who has been through this?

Sorry every time I e-mail my lawyer I get a $700 + bill. Already spent $10k. Hopefully someone will have advice.

Thank you