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Default Animal abuse accusations?!

Custody/Access issues (of course)...

There is a pending motion for expanding access by the respondent (father). Has received reply affidavit from the mother citing past (2yrs ago) animal abuse accusations (amongst other attempts to mud-sling and bash his parenting abilities) as reasoning to not allow the proposed expanded access. I might add that no actual evidence (aside from the swearing of the affidavit itself) has been provided from the applicant's side. The father is currently in supervised access (interim order), which he agreed to, as there had been an extended period of no access, (denial by the mother), and to gain additional third-party evidence of his interactions with the child. Access has occurred numerous times and all of the resports from the centre have been good (of course ). So..
My question is, has anyone ever experienced animal abuse allegations as described above? With they even carry any weight with the courts? Any thoughts/opinions/further questions are welcomed.