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Default Get this...what a "quack"

I went to see one of those "30 free minutes with a lawyer" the other day on behalf of my husband.if you remember he had stopped paying child support towards his son because the son who is 17 and living with the maternal grandparents was suspended from school and was in the process of moving in with his 27 year old g/f and 3 kids..well son and g/f broke up (for now) and he is back in school...we started payments back to the grandparents (mother was only sending up 200.00/month and pocketing the 425.00 to pay her bills) next we get this letter from the ex's lawyer stating that child support should resume--(which it did) but to the grandparents..husband spoke with the ex-inlaws and said it was stupid to go through the courts spending all that money and so he agreed to continue paying until his son finished highschool next summer--(he will be 18 in March but will continue until end of June 07)...anyways on to the "quack" he said that even if this boy drops out of school again and moves in with this girlfriend he is still entitied to receive the child support payments and that the money should be going to the mother not to the grandparents as it is stated in the separation papers...I was always under the understanding that when your child drops out of school then support stops...not the way this lawyer sees it...I think he just wasted 30 minutes of my life...he also said that my husband who has been paying for his 19 year old non-biological daughter for the past 15 years can now stop paying for her (she is going to be finishing highschool this month)---only going part time to get a credit or 2....however now she has been excepted into college and the mother will most likely be coming back to my husband wanting more money for that..this lawyer says that we can go to the courts and get an order to get the "real dad" to start paying since he has gotten off scott free for 19 years however both dads could still have to pay and the mom could be getting money from both of bizzare is that?????