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Default MEP and Section 7

Can MEP enforce Section 7 in regards to a set budget for kids extracurricular activities?

Let's say instead of us having to notify and obtain consent for these expenses we agree to set a budget of $1000 per child per year for these expenses (including the equipment for said activity) Shared in proportion. How would MEP know that each child has reached their budget limit. And that I have paid my share of the maximum budget?

I am wondering because I may consider registering myself with maintenance so they can take care of the recalculation of support...that way if she has a problem she can take it up with them.

I want to pay support based on prior years income. Originally we have been doing a 3 yr average as my income fluctuates ~$20,000 from year to year. I'm sure she will be fine with the increase but not the decrease.
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