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give him back the car and tell him you do not want to be resoponsible for it. Do not the other posters comments, driving the shit out of it destroying it and leaving it in a mall with the keys in it(knowing full well it could get stolen) is not something you should even think of doing. That is the easiest way to escalate conflict. Also considering it is in your care and control right now there maybe some legal requirement of care that you have to have. I wouldnt even try anything in case it bites you in the ass. Best thing to to is take it back to the dealer, get them to sign a paper stating the condition of the car when you returned it and let him know where it is.

The engagement ring is his if he wants it back. It is given as part of the contract to get married and now that it is called off, it goes back to him.

Was any of the stuff he took gifts that you made to him?? It seems like you were pretty generous to him. If anything was a gift, then it is his. You should have made him sign a contract for the money you paid out for him, it kinda sounds like you never really expected it back as you thought you were going to get married. That may be a tough one but morally he should pay you.

What was his reason for leaving?? Better for him to do it now then after you were married.

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