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Ok...I know this sucks...but first things first...

1. Change all bank pin numbers on all debit cards and credit cards now...go to your nearest ATM and do it now.
2. If you have any joint accounts...well...close Call the 1-800 number on the back of your debit card and close
2. Joint credit cards - if any - remove him not wait to talk to him about the 1-800 number on the back of the credit card.
3. Do you ownt the home you're in...or are you renting?
3. How long were you together?
4. Do you have children together?
4. What is the approximate "resale" value of what he took. Others have already stated how to calulate that.
5. Document any monies paid towards his debt and vehicles. Do not pay one more cent to any debt in his name...including the leased car. You are not responsible for any debt in his name.
6. Did he purchase you an engagement ring? Any debt you paid on his behalf could be considered a "gift"...this is your "gift" from him. I hope he's been paying for it...and not you.
7. How nice of him to leave you the vehicle "that's in his name" that still has payments. He's all heart that one. So...when it comes to the leased car...I'd get my ass out there tomorrow and lease a different car in my name...have a friend drive the leased car to a public him and tell him where it is and that the keys are in it. If it is in his is 100% his responsibility...not yours. You owe him absolutely nothing when it comes to this car. If you really wanted to be a b** could drive like a bag car for a month, let small children play with cheereos everywhere, burn a few packs of smokes, leave a few burn holes in the seats...not pay the lease at all...and then let him deal with it. Again...not in your name...not your responsibility.

I know this is hard...but it looks like up until now...from your side of the have been paying his way and making things easy for him. Stop Now!