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So, you still don't have a date for the first case conference?
Your ex didn't appear for the court date yesterday, but his lawyer did?
My advice -- keep your submissions to court as brief and relevant as possible. The Judge doesn't want to read through pages of Affidavits and exhibits.
Basically you want $x for this, $y for that for a total of $x+y. And show "This is how I determined those figures." I don't think his arrest dates etc. are relevant to determing the amount owing (but I could be wrong).
You have tried taking him to court four times previously and got nowhere? I believe if he does not show, court can proceed even if he isn't participating, though it's his best interests to be there. The court can award you what you are seeking without his participation, but I think the court decides whether or not to proceed. I don't know if there are any forms to file to ask the court to proceed without the other non-responding party. I realize it's a "pain" sometimes going to FLIC, but sometimes that's your best option or a half hour consult over the phone (it's charged to your phone bill).
The court let us proceed even though exes lawyer had not filed the relevant documents for the first court date. In fact his lawyer (and Deputy Judge also) failed to file the documents throughout the entire process.
Good Luck to you. :-)