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I don't believe you would be successful as court does not rule on Orders based on "what ifs." You very well (hopefully) will have a remarkable recovery and be back to work within weeks. Also, your decrease in income is temporary, not permanent.

When you go to court you are required to complete a comprehensive financial statement. Courts make orders based on facts presented to them at that time.

Often people lose their jobs and have to live and pay support on unemployment income. If you pay support though a maintenance enforcement agency (FRO of MEP) you can usually make arrangements to defer your payments. (You would be expected to catch up in future). However, you would be required to complete comprehensive financial statements for FRO as well. It doesn't cost anything to call them. If you aren't paying through FRO this might be a very good reason to consider doing so in the future.

If you are currently unwell and unable to work then one would think you are also not able to go to court. If you are paying to have a lawyer represent you then I would encourage you to reconsider your priorities (children vs. lawyer's fees).

Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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