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Grace I agree with what you said about the studies. I find my own children are torn between me and my ex. They want to spend time with me and tell me so. My daughter told me yesterday that she had mentioned to some of her friends in school that she is spending the week with me, her friends replied by saying "I wish i could see my dad more often but mom won't let us.' This is why I have so much anger inside of me. I know my children are suffering and I will help them through this as best I can. fortunately I come from a fairly wealthy family and they will assist me till the end.
As for delay tatics I haven't used any as of yet, I wanted to settle this from the first day she walked out, I had aranged a four way meeting three weeks after she left, We got no where. Sorry we made the Lawyer 5000.00.
Today I still think the same I just want to pay her off and move on, But she wants the world. Again Soul Custody, High in the six figures, Spousal Support, and so on. The only think she didn't ask for is my next born. This is why I will fight her till the end. I will never give her Soul custody. It might cost me a bundle which burns me allot, but what other choice do I have with a women that won't back off. Delay is something her Lawyer is doing, why I don't know, As a mentioned before they have a court order for questioning me, they still as of yet doen nothing about it. It's been over a month. I hope I don't sound to mean. I do want to get this over with.