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Originally Posted by florio View Post
wow, thanks for the welcome back, you "moderator"

things went actually back and forth, but I'll get over the fact you assume the worst without knowing or at least asking for more facts. I'm in fact back living together with my wife, btw.
No idea what "things" you're referring to, however congratulations on being back with your wife. It seems odd that you are back on a divorce forum....? If your referring to my pointing out that your attitude and approach hasn't changed, judging by your initial post and this one, it hasn't.

I'm not forced into this counseling, as you implied, I actually looked and paid for it because I'm apparently the only human being here who actually cares.
Where did anyone imply you were forced into anything...?

But, moving over this rude welcome back and nonsense speculations, is there any other DECENT and RATIONAL feedback (not personal attacks) I can hope for on your forum? I mean, on other forums I got some interesting great replies and many people acknowledged these social services could be indeed biased.
The irony of this ^^ is absolutely astounding given the wild, irrational speculation that you used to start this thread.

And ps: issues debated by decent people with decent approached should not take a lot of time and money, what is this nonsense? this is what lawyers say when they want to ripp you off.
What issues debated where? If you're referring to counseling, counseling is not intended to be a debate where you attempt to convince the other participants to come around to your way of thinking and see your side. It *IS* intended to be an opportunity for YOU to learn to see and understand your daughter's perspectives and feelings and start the healing process.
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