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Originally Posted by ifonlyihadknown View Post
This is my biggest take away from my experiences in Family Court. What a colossal waste of time and resources case conferences were.
And what a collosal waste of money! My ex would file extremely lengthy briefs. My lawyer said she had to do her diligence as a lawyer and read the whole thing. And then I had to respond to her brief. HUGE waste of money. Then you sit in the courtroom for hours with your lawyer to finally get called up and get passed through like cattle. The settlement briefs that you spent thousands on get handed to you for shredding.

Judge: "I have read your briefs and I think you 2 can work things out. See you in 6 months for the next settlement conference".

That's it? I used to have the date circled on my calendar thinking it was a date that would help lead to the end of the tunnel. Boy was I wrong! I would walk out of those settlement conferences saying "what the heck was that?? It resolved nothing and we are nowhere closer to finalizing this"

If I could do it again, I would do it as follows:
  • 1 case conference (mandatory) self-repped
  • 1 settlement conference (mandatory) self-repped
  • Motion to set things in place on temporary basis leading up to trial- with lawyer
  • Set trial for as soon as possible. Negotiate (self-repped) and likely settle on the day of trial (with lawyer)

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