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Default Already on LAO, if I "win 10k" this month - would that kick me off LAO?

-On LAO for family matter, income is ODSP-only; my lawyer has indicated I may be able to switch my LAO certificate to indicate my status as an abused spouse but that since we're years past the separation now, not much point.

-Told LAO about a hunting cabin I owned, gave honest property valuation of 10k, they said that wouldn't affect anything, still qualify for LAO, no liens, so I've been using LAO for three years now.

-Now I'm curious about selling my hunt cabin for 10k cash to help me pay rent bills - but don't want to do it if it would terminate my LAO since obviously then I'd be a lot worse off.

-Yes, "Call and ask them", but they don't like to answer anonymous questions and I'd rather not tell them that I specifically may have a buyer for my property in case they hold that against me and try to pressure me to sell or get a lien pointing out that I'm sure LAO has spent 10k on me over the past three years.
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