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Probably the best advice received is from Janus. Why would I want someone back who tried vindictively to limit the ability of our kids to be with their dad?

I certainly appreciate the advice, but not necessarily the mis-characterizations based on previous posts. I am far from controlling. I am simply a passenger on a ride I never wanted to be on. Attending my kids' hockey games is to cheer them on is about supporting and encouraging THEM, and nothing to do with my ex. Seeking advice on how to deal with her shenanigans where she continuously and purposefully pulls petty garbage is just that, a dad who is tired of being played games with- where ex is using the kids as the means to play games. It has nothing to do with control. I am well aware that I have absolutely no control, never did. That is part of the problem with Family Law and Family Court....many times the other parent is holding all the cards, and drags the other through lengthy and expensive process for what should be a no-brainer as fair and reasonable.
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