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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Why would you go through this fight only to want to reconcile?
I never wanted to go through fight. She is the one who hired a lawyer and filed in court, making it hostile. Her court application did not mince words either, it was ugly mud slinging. I simply responded and went through court process. All along the way I said I did not want conflict or fight. But I will not give in to being a stranger to my kids

Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Your ex is right. You arent thinking as a team or even about her. This is totally about you and what you want.
If I was thinking of giving her what she wanted, I would have been a stranger to my kids. That was not in best interest of the kids. Essentially she told me we separated for reason X, and I fixed that reason. Now she is telling me it is because of how the court process played out. She will find any excuse.
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