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Default Notice of motion vs notice of motion to change

If someone has the knowledge to explain the following to me I would greatly appreciate it.

So, I was served last year with a notice of motion to change for my 20 year old daughter. We just had our 3rd case conference and went to mediation right after. The judge recommended that it not go to a motion because the amount I offered was not much different than what I should pay anyway, she had no evidence to get the other relief she was asking for and that we should meet in the middle.

Of course my ex was unreasonable like usual. We did agree on an amount, but I said I would pay in payments through FRO (which is usually the way it's done), but she would not agree unless I paid her all of it in a lump sum immediately. I do not have the means to do that, so obviously we could not make an agreement. The judge cautioned that if it goes to a motion, they will take into account my daughter's income plus hers and mine and there's a risk she might get less than what I offered or that she will have to pay costs. She believes that I make tons of cash money and I'm hiding income, which is not true, so I said I would provide all of my bank statements as proof. She has no evidence to back her claims.

Now my question is this:

After mediation was over and there was no agreement, she now has to fill out a form 14 to get a motion date. If I've already responded and filed all my materials to the notice of motion to change how do you respond to form 14? What materials have to be filed responding to a form 14?
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