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Smile Can I take my kids out of Province

New to this - signed up today. I've seen similar posts but none that address my question. Hoping someone will have been through this or knows what my options are.

I am a father of two kids from a divorce (7 & 9yrs old). My ex and I have joint custody with me having primary residential custody. Although my ex is entitled to see the kids every other weekend and two nights a week, she never comes to get them during the week as she lost her lisence 3 yrs ago (DUI). So... she only sees them every other weekend. We split summer holidays 50/50, week on week off.

Although my vcurrent job is quite decent, I have been offered an incredible job in Halifax (i live in Ontario). What is liklihood that I can go to court and apply to move the kids out of province, and win? I would offer the courts a solution such as flying the kids out for 50% of summer as well as March break, Xmas etc. I want the kids to see their mother but this opportunity could open doors for them down the road as I'd be at a much higher income level.

The Mother is currently on welfare and has refused to get a job for 2 years now. She has just been evicted from her apartment (i think) as she is now suddenly living with her Mother. She cannot take the kids for the next little while because they won't put them up there. Basically she is in a bad spot right now, but this is how it always is with her.

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.