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Originally Posted by calvinfive View Post

Status quo is in your favour, courts generally don't like to disrupt status quos and I think this is going to be an uphill battle for her and the onus is on her - she has to prove that the change she is seeking is warranted and that it will be in and will serve the child's best interests.

Would there be any onus on me to prove that the status quo is working very well and that the children are doing well?

Originally Posted by calvinfive View Post
I would say odds are in your favour unless you or the courts have explicitly stated or implied that you/courts WILL give her 50/50 if she meets certain conditions or demonstrates a requirement by the review hearing

It only states that a review hearing will be scheduled in Spring 2020, with a move towards shared parenting and we are allowed two witnesses each. There are no certain conditions that in the interim order that need to be met.
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