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Originally Posted by Fatherofgirls View Post
I don't think the OCL would help you here. I can only speak from my experience, but the OCL clinician didn't spend a lot of time researching anything. It was two 1 hour face to face meetings, one 40min observation with the kids. She called our daycare, doctor and contacted the school board. My impression was that the interviews were not in depth.

During my case conference, the judge didn't really seem to want to get involved. I got the impression that this was just a hoop to jump through, they varify that there is a case that isn't frivolous and they pass it on to the next stage.

I agree with the previous posters and from what I have read, believe that she would have to have a substantial case to justify the removal of the children from a situation that works to another country. I believe she would need to prove that there has been a material change to justify the change from the status quo and need to prove that the move would benefit the children. I think this would be an uphill climb for her.

Yes, I have no criminal history, I'm responsible and have kept things very stable in my household for my son. His grandparents and uncle also live with us and he's lived with them most of his life so that helps.

She might only be pursuing sole custody at the trial, but has already stated in her application that she intends to relocate to the states.

Made many lies about living conditions and feeding, all of which are untrue.

If I were in her shoes I think the only thing I'd be able to do IS to lie, because she has no good reason to try to uproot our child from his great life here.

It's all about her remarriage and wanting me out of the picture.
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