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Originally Posted by momofonegreatboy View Post
Tonight I received an email from my lawyer. She basically fwd me my ex's email to her concerning a pair of prescription glasses he found for our son (I took son to eye doctor and submitted prescription in communication log book that never came back)

Now dad is asking lawyer (because he has asked that I don't communicate with him and I asked the same) to advise me on where the glasses are to be purchased and how much they cost.

My lawyer already responded to him in saying that she will advise me. Now she's asking me how I would like for her to proceed with this email and all the others he's been emailing her about.

All I want to scream is 'get your own lawyer!'

I will certainly tell my lawyer to not waste her time and waste my money when he can simply use other facets of communication.

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This is beyond silly.

Your lawyer does not need to proceed at all with this email or any others. All she needs to do is keep forwarding them to you. My suggestion is to wait until you have a lot of emails, then send him one reply (even though he doesn't want email from you) addressing each issue as briefly as possible in a numbered list, e.g.

1. Prescription for glasses can be filled at ABC Optometrist.
2. Soccer registration is on Wednesday Dec 6 at XYZ School

Don't engage in email volleys over every separate issue. Don't even mention emotional issues that have nothing to do with Kid. And do try to set up OurFamilyWizard. There is no reason why adults can't communicate factual information directly to each other.

If something is an emergency, he'll contact you. If it's not an emergency, there's no reason why your lawyer (or his partner) has to play broken telephone.
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