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Feminism is about fighting gender bias in society. That includes removing bias in the law and the courts that result in things like awarding full custody to mothers because they are mothers. This isn't just my opinion, this is explained to me by my lawyer, it was part of my case, and my female judge has awarded joint custody and child support and spousal support and one of the issues we've brought up is specificly gender bias.

"Activist" feminism means not just addressing bias on a case by case basis, but working to make broad changes in society to correct the results of previous generation's bias. I can't imagine a situation where it would be within a judge's power on your case to be "activist".

For generations men have acted as the breadwinner, women the caregiver, men have paid child support and spousal support, and women have gotten custody. That has been due to the bias of social roles. No actual feminist would deny that roles like that hurt men as much as they hurt women.

A feminist judge should be working to remove the bias of those roles and make a gender neutral decision. Humans still make mistakes, I'm not saying anyone is perfect. But saying that a man will get screwed because of "activist feminist" judges is just plain stupid.

Edit to add: JDaddy, I'm not saying you are stupid, I'm saying your lawyers are. Or at least acting stupid.