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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
That is why he records absolutely every interaction with her from this point forward.

Something very good comes of it. He gets to see his kid. I don't see how it possibly hurts, assuming he can control himself.

Honestly, I'm getting sick and tired of these cowardly and spineless fathers who leave the house as soon as the shit gets a little difficult. The father is an adult, he can handle the discomfort of being around the mother.

Living with my ex was horrible. You know what was even worse? The prospect of losing my kids if I did not suck it up. Real fathers don't bail on their kids just because the mother is getting aggressive. You stay in the house, you protect yourself, but you stay in the fucking house.

Seriously, why do fathers think that they have some god given right to bail on their kids and then whine that the legal system is against them? Yes, the legal system is against fathers, but that doesn't mean that you capitulate. It means that you are careful, intelligent, strategic, and unemotional. It means that you take any crap that the mom might throw your way, because your kids need their father.

Mothers can play games and send fancy emails. They won't drop below 50% custody unless they have serious diagnosed mental disorders. You need to tell your friend to get back into the home. He is on a rapid train to being an every other weekend dad.

Yeah. Need to figure out how to get him back in there. Iím confident he could be calm. Like you I did it as well. But the childish efforts to trigger you is something lol.

At 3 wks out. How can he move back in.? She took the key. What would be the legal game plan here.

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