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Thank you again for your feedback. To clarify, I've done my best to keep their mother out of our conversations. I've even tried to promote their mother to them.. it respectful ways. I've just tried to point out the facts, truth and my position. Every time I try to finalize something with their mother, there's almost immediate retaliation from my daughters... not my ex. It's all been through emails or texts (which is extremely hard for me to gaze upon). I'm not kicking their mother to the curb, just trying to move on with my life. I've spent the last 2.5 years, paying off the family debt, child support (not a complaint, just a fact), legal fees and pay my own way. I don't make a ton of money and have shown this to my ex (who refuses to see the facts of life). I can't form a life of my own when I'm sitting on a ton of debt. As soon as the house is sold I can clear up the debt and start looking for a home for myself (and hopefully my children at some point...even if it's just to visit). My relationship with my children may have to be put on hold until we clear up this last portion (as this will flare the temper of my ex and they, unfortunately, reap the results of that).
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