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I didn't know about this site when I was in court first. Legal aid ontario flicked me off basically because I was a dad and wasn't a victim of domestic violence, and because they had already funded my ex because she cried wolf that she was a victim of domestic violence. We were both on welfare at the time.

Basically, because there was prejudice, and because I didn't know about this site, I got shafted, and as a result, our child suffered emotionally and continues to suffer emotionally. And I've had to return to court to fix it up. I had a very unimpressive lawyers, am here now, got a new lawyer who doesn't have her head up her ass, and I have learned lots - from him - and even more from this site. I think a lot of the things I learnt on this site with references to Canlii got me to the point of calling that last lawyer on her shit. I get motivation from this site, and it helps me to push my case forward. And indeed, it does move forward and I start learn how full of shit my last lawyer really was as time goes by and as orders get made in my favour.

Being in family court for so long clouds your entire families minds, and the conflict leaks into the community, for an indefinite period of time. When you're speaking to parents on this site, you're speaking to people who have all been through it. Some of us for a few months, some of us for a few years, some of us for decades. We've all seen and experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. From inhumane exs, to half assed crook lawyers, to scumbag judges. We've experienced it all. We've also been investigated by the police and CAS many, many times.

For me, it has been very helpful to hear perspectives from a wide variety of parents who've experienced this first hand, that you're not alone. Something I have realized is that most lawyers and judges have never experienced divorce themselves. They just go based on knowledge and theories, i.e., "In theory this arrangement should work out really well for these parents", 6 months later the parties are back and the childs emotional state is completely ruined, and the child's tuition is burnt on lawyers, and the family is likely to never be happy again.

Based on the feed back, and based on what I have learned on this site 50-50 is the least I would agree to, and I plan on setting sole custody with supervised access to the other parent as my goal. I know that unless I set that as a goal, that I will likely never ever come close to it - especially if I have to compromise on my position.

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