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Default Here is a fun story

Hello, just found this forum, but wish I had found it a while ago. I am 40, married for 2 years, and dont think much of the justice system.

I am in the middle of a divorce with a woman who not only was abusive, but also called and had me arrested for domestic assault. As a result, I was wrongfully arrested by the OPP and am currently suing the officer and the OPP.

I tried to pursue a case against the crown attorney who tried to prosecute me, because she tried to blackmail and threaten me. Unfortunately in Canada the crown is untouchable. Also very corrupt.

I am moving forward representing myself, since I cant afford a divorce lawyer. Its depressing because I am being very honest, and my ex is lying about anything she can on court documents. Including her income and place of residence.

I dont understand why the court is even allowing this to happen. She terrorized me and destroyed my life. Was physically and mentally abusive. Was arrested, charged and convicted of domestic assault. But I still have to worry that I will have to pay my abuser for destroying the marriage. Seems a little wrong.

I finally got some good news last week. The property that she wants half of was appraised at 117,000. The remaining amount on the mortgage was 114,400. So no equity for her lol. A lot different than the number she told the judge, 200,000 value and 90,000 mortgage.

I have tried to contact her lawyer, with no response, so I am guessing that the appraisal was unpleasant news.

I am not impressed with our legal system at all after dealing with it for the past couple years. I was guilty until they could prove me guilty it seemed. Eventhough I went through the OIPRD process, and they upheld my complaints, the crown and police still think justice was served.
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