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I re-read you post.

May 04 - you say you were awarded 2000. Is that a court ordered amount, or a settlement amount.

On Dec 04 your ex filed for a change. His "Matcerial change" would simply be time. Not a great reason, hence his lawyer's advice to leave it alone. But you state he is not paying the full amount. He is not paying the full $2000. Or is he not paying what you think he should be paying?

Jul 05 - another material change... but his lawyer was right since you are not co-habitating, the order would not be changed since it is not really a material change (interesting event none-the-less, but not legal).

Sep 06 - okay, that's a real material change - losses job

Jan 07 - another material change (losses income)

Just some advice. What annoys people is that you mention your ex's net worth. Yet, we know you got half of everything. So, is your net worth also $500K? Or close to it. Also, you state your ex's personal situation (new wife) and some financial info about his spouse. Now, I know when we are dealing with SS, all people's income that are involved are considered. But really, should someone else be paying you if your ex is unemployed? Finally, if you were still married, and your husband lost his job, wouldn't it be the two of you working together to struggle though it. But in this country, it is easier to hammer the ex. And I think that is where OB1 is coming from.