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I wouldn't write essay like clauses. Keep it simple.

Standard clause to add to such an order would be:

mother will have meaningful consultation with father prior to making any major decisions.

Mother to inform the father of all major decisions providing full particulars.

Father allowed to obtain information from all 3rd parties directly absent of mother's consent.Mother to provide consent if required.

Each parent will be responsible for day to day decisions impacting the child on their parenting times.

Mother not to relocate with children without the father's consent or permission from the courts.

Parents will not travel with child absent of travel consent. Neither party to unreasonable withold consent
Or child's passport.

Mother to keep child's passport and health card up to date and provider father with copies or originals upon request. Father to return once he is done with them.

Neither party shall schedule activities during the other parents time.

Special or extra ordinary expenses must be agreed upon by the parties in advance. Neither party to unreasonably withold consent.

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