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I also learned that there is zero support divorcing a mentally ill spouse. I mean delusional, paranoid, psychotic. The system tells you to try to collaborate. Really??? Mediate. Really???negotiate. Really??? My ex changed 7 lawyers. All of them seeing he was sick. But they all took massive retainers from him for nothing. On my end, it cost me money because my lawyer had to respond. Also for nothing. Everything took forever. Trying to agree to dividing belongings in the marital home was painful. He asked for things and demanded things that were impossible. For example for months he demanded the judge granted a divorce first and then he would be open to discuss the marital home!!!!! You can't bargain with a terrorist. I got a slight break when at one point he had no lawyer and disappeared for a few months. My lawyer was then able to make some progress and get two court orders. Nothing is simple. Nothing is straightforward. Everything is taking forever. Still at it since 2013. He was not appointed an opgt until we had already spent $100 000 in legal fees. My family has been exploited! There should be a separate system to accommodate this scenario. Instead the family law system will take extra advantage and milk you dry untill you don't even have a dime.
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