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Default more questions...getting "sticky" maybe

Originally Posted by logicalvelocity

Keep a paper trail of all your transactions and perhaps store in a safety deposit box for safe keeping.


Ok, I have absorbed the joint line of credit in to a new mortgage, and I am still paying all household expenses, the papers were removed and I now have a portable filing cabinet (lol-a laundry basket), in my car trunk as I needed it all when I went to the bank for the remortgage.......a few questions:
1) He reported on his income tax that we have been separated since Dec 2005, so, in that case, would spousal support (if he requested that), be essentially over in Dec 07?
2) Looking for leverage....if he threatens he wants spousal support, or threatenss constructive trust/unjust enrichment can I turn around and threaten to ask for child support for my daughter from my previous marriage? Her primary residence is with me and always has been. It is not something I was going to ask for, but I will use it as leverage to stop paying him, I have already lost enough money/credit reputation due to him.
3) As the house deed and mortgage are solely in my name, can I simply change the locks? And what is the recourse if i do so? He is being absolutely miserable to my daughter, and to me. I do have concerns that if I give him warning he must move that the locks will be changed on a certain date he will take stuff that he should not take, yet if if I just change the locks, that will get him really angry and he will damage property. Door locks and property gates keep out the honest, not the deceptive. There are items I am concerned he will take that are not his, from the backyard (bbq, and other home maintenance stuff). And if he could not take it he just may destroy it out of spite.
I am not out to take him for everything, but I really do feel I have paid enough. I have asked him several times to list what he feels entitled to so we can negotiate it, yet he ignores it, and just continues to sleep in the rec room, and he will not move out! This could stalemate forever, and to be honest, now that I paid off almost everything he racked up, I am BROKE! hiring a lawyer is out of my league, what do I do now?