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Originally Posted by Tired_of_court View Post

I was also asking for an increase in child support, but only because income and exchange rates went up. So, while he owed me money the resulting court order was for less than the one it was replacing. And I couldn't get him to agree on that. He actually hired a lawyer to work this out in court, which is just incredible to me.
I didn't understand your above statement, it seems contradictory. If both income (assuming in usd) and exchange rate went up, then net result should be that income in cad (upon which CS should be based) went up even more.

How can resulting court order be less than existing one? Unless you agreed to something on consent?

Originally Posted by Tired_of_court View Post

I've been self-represented for the majority of the court time, so I expected that I would make some errors along the way that might cost me a little bit, but at least I didn't have a huge legal bill to deal with nonsense.
I've self repping and feel that opposing counsel think self reps are easy targets and try to intimidate using fancy legal jargon, threats or warnings to get you to settle. But remember, they are protecting their client's interests, not yours. And if you felt pressured into accepting a settlement, they will later claim well, you agreed to it. So one needs to tread carefully, fully research and understand the law and preferably seek legal advice.

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