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(AS REQUESTED - Court TRANSCRIPTS included in the Press Release)

October 22, 2012

SENTENCING DAY - Grandfather Guilty Of Aiding Canadian Abduction in “Watkins Missing Children” Case

On October 24, 2012 the Honorable Justice J.F. KENKEL will hear victim impact statements from family members before he announces Tadeusz Ustaszewski fate.

On August 23, 2012 the Honorable Justice J.F. KENKEL made some validating remarks on passing his judgment of a GUILTY verdict on the grandfather, Tadeusz Ustaszewski, in the International Parental Child Abduction case of the “Watkins Missing Children” in the Criminal Courts in Newmarket, Ontario which may result in some action by the Prime Minister of Canada.

On May 15, 2012, in a press conference with the Prime Minister of Canada and the Prime Minister of Poland on Canadian national news, the media asked questions to the Prime Minister of Canada on how he will help a Canadian father return his Canadian abducted children taken to Poland?

The Prime Minister of Canada, STEPHEN HARPER, replied the following as part of his statement: "… the matter is before the courts..."

The international child abduction of the Watkins boys from Canada is no longer just an allegation; it has now been validated by the Canadian Criminal Courts and an Ontario Judge that in fact a crime has been committed.

ALEXANDER WATKINS (aka: Alek Ustaszewski) and CHRISTOPHER WATKINS (aka: Krzysztof Ustaszewski) also known world-wide through social media as the "Watkins Missing Children" from Canada were abducted internationally from Canada into the United States then to Europe on March 6, 2009 with the use of a "Cancelled" Canadian Passport by the non-custodial Mother, Edyta ( Ustaszewski / Ustaszewska ) Watkins, and two Canadian Passports for the children where she refused to turn over to the Ontario Courts who ordered their return on multiple court appearances. U.S. Homeland Security confirmed with Canadian Authorities that all three flew using 3-Canadian Passports.

The boys lived with their father, Stephen Watkins, full time since 2007 after they had been apprehended by the Children’s Aid Society and the Ontario Courts in 2007 after reports were made by the teachers of the children’s school of serious child protection concerns. The children were internationally abducted out of Canada 6-weeks after the courts January 26, 2009 custody ruling during a weekend access visit with their mother. Both Alexander and Christopher were born in Canada and their father, Stephen Watkins, was granted sole custody by the Ontario Courts in January 26, 2009 after a 7-day trial with liberal access visits ordered every second weekend to their mother.

Their grandfather, Tadeusz (TED) Ustaszewski, in Canada was charged by York Regional Police (YRP) in Ontario with assisting in this International Child Abduction and the children's disappearance. He solely picked up the boys at their schools in Newmarket for a supervised weekend visit with their non-custodial mother but instead drove all of them across into the United States and left them at a U.S. Tim Horton's coffee shop before returning alone to Canada. The boys were to be brought back to their school in Newmarket, Ontario the next day as he had previously done many times before.

In statements taken from court transcripts, the Honorable Justice J.F. KENKEL noted that,
“Aside from Mr. Ustaszewski's statements there is a strong circumstantial case indicating that Mr. Ustaszewski was a knowing party to the abduction.”

He also made mention in ruling of the allegations made by the grandfather to police which also resonates by statements made the abducting mother through social media that,
“There is no credible evidence that Mr. Watkins abused his children in any way. The suggestion of abuse made by Mr. Ustaszewski in his witness statement to police was shown by other evidence at trial to be a fabrication.”

In conclusion, the Honorable Justice J.F. KENKEL made these final remarks,
“I find that the Crown has proved that Edyta Ustaszewski abducted her two children in contravention of an order made by Madam Justice Waldman of the Ontario Court of Justice, and further that Mr. Tadeusz Ustaszewski aided her in that regard knowing that the removal of the children from Canada was meant to deprive the father of custody and knowing that act was contrary to the terms of Justice Waldman's order. I can find no credible evidence which leaves a reasonable doubt with respect to any element of the section 282(1) offence alleged… There will be a finding of guilt.”

The Watkins boys have been ordered to remain in Poland by the Polish Courts in what Stephen Watkins believes is the Polish courts failings to follow 5-international treaties between Canada and Poland including the Hague Convention On The Civil Aspects Of International Child Abduction and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It seems that the Polish Courts have made Poland a non-compliant signatory of various treaties for years making Poland a “Black Hole of International Child Abductions in Europe”.

To make matters worse, while the boys were in hiding for 2.5 years without the knowledge of their father or the Canadian Authorities, they were secretly enrolled into a Polish School in 2010 with alias names without the knowledge by Polish Police authorities even though another Polish Court ordered in January 8, 2010 for Polish Police to search Poland-wide for the missing Canadian boys. In mid 2010, the Polish School witnessed child protection concerns and brought a court action themselves against the mother in the Polish Courts where her parental rights were ordered “Limited” by the Courts.

The Father Stephen Watkins is now appealing the decision a third time in the Superior Courts of Poland to have his children retuned home to Canada.

While sentencing is scheduled on October 24, 2012 where victim impact statements will be heard, a group of parents whose children have also been internationally abducted from Canada to different countries along with Stephen Watkins will be at the Newmarket Courts in Ontario introducing / petitioning a new Federal Canadian Law called the: iCHAPEAU Act.

The “ iCHAPEAU ” stands for the “ International Child Harbouring & Abduction Prevention Enforcement Act Under-Law ”

These 4 affected Canadian parents who cases are public, including Stephen Watkins case, represents 7 abducted Canadian children who have been illegally kidnapped from Canada and harboured by other non-compliant nations such as Poland, Brazil and Japan. These parents are working together to help STOP Parental Child abductions by campaigning for Canada’s iCHAPEAU Act to provide better tools to Family Courts to detect and PREVENT child abduction cases along with giving our Canadian government more solutions when dealing with international child abductions when Canadian children have been retained or harboured by foreign nations and ordered not to be retuned through the non-compliances of treaties already signed with the country of Canada.

Along with an explanation of how the iCHAPEAU law works, the iCHAPEAU Association will have all their members’ cases publicly shown to bring more attention to their cases along with the issues of Parental Child Abductions which affects 83% of all child abductions from Canada. Help by sharing their links on their Facebook page or visit their Mobile website here ichapeau's QR code leaf on - Create and manage your recyclable QR codes for free! .

Help iCHAPEAU Association bring Stephen Watkins two little boys back home along with helping other Canadian parents bring home their 7 abducted Canadian children back home to Canada.

"No parent should have to work this hard to get their missing or abducted children back home" ~ Stephen Watkins

Ontario Court Of Justice JUDGMENT for Tadeusz Ustaszewski (August 23, 2012)

Grandfather guilty of aiding abduction - Toronto Star - Published on August 23, 2012
Grandfather guilty of aiding abduction -

Watkins Missing Children - International Child Abduction Question - Prime Ministers of Canada / Poland
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If your Child has been abducted within CANADA -or- from CANADA to another country, contact the iCHAPEAU Association.

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