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  • Your ex-partner has previously abducted your child.
  • Direct or indirect threats have been made in the past about removal of your child.
  • Your ex-partner has made direct/indirect threats of harm to you, your child, or themselves.
  • Your ex-partner has a history of controlling and/or violent behaviour.
  • Your ex-partner shows high levels of hostility, anger or resentment towards you or your family.
  • You and the other parent fight a lot, particularly regarding custody/access/parenting.
  • Your ex-partner has family or other connections in another country and may have an interest in returning.
  • Your child has made comments that concern you such as, “Dad/Mom says we’re going to go live somewhere warm,” or “Mom/Dad says we’re going to be moving soon.”
  • Your ex-partner has made significant life changes including quitting a job, or selling a home.
  • Your ex-partner has no job, could work anywhere, or is financially independent – in other words, is not tied to the area for financial reasons.
  • Your ex-partner continually raises unreasonable concerns about your child’s safety and well-being while in your care.
  • There has been a family court decision that your ex-partner is angry about.
    Note: Emotions may run high for the period immediately after such a decision and may increase the risk of parental abduction.
  • Your ex-partner has terminated a lease, closed bank accounts, liquidated assets, hid or destroyed documents, applied for a passport and/or visa, applied for birth certificates, applied for school or medical records, purchased airline tickets for your child, or altered their appearance.
  • Your ex-partner starts displaying stalking/harassing and obsessive behaviour (for example showing up at school or lessons, constant phone calls/text messages or other online communications, etc.)
Hmmm I got 12,but this isnt news for me I have been aware for some time.